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    AS3000 Amendment 2 is out for comment. I urge members to read and comment.

    Cl is changing the door sizes to switch-room doors from 2200mm x 900 to 2000 x 900. The original change which I strongly opposed has been more of a hindrance than a blessing. Standard doors of 2040mm x 820mm have been adequate for years and increasing the width and height does not increase safety. You also need to bear in mind the rebates which reduce the width by 30 or 60mm when they are fire rated. So for an “unobstructed width of .9m” where you need a 1020mm door, is restrictive, reduces the room size and creates havoc on existing jobs.  Some of the notes in this clause are helpful but I am proposing the old 2040×820 door minus rebates.

    There is a new paragraph to be added to Cl proposing switchboards above 125A with a Psc greater then 10Ka (presumably 17Ka peak) at the incoming terminals, are to comply to AS 61439. In NSW and some other states where there are no pole or barge board fuses, almost every small installation will have higher than 10Ka Psc at the incoming terminals. This will impede contractors carrying out work on existing installations due to the stringent materials testing, heat rise etc in AS 61439.I think this additional paragraph will cause problems with additions or repairs to existing jobs, more red tape and heartache for switchboard manufacturers and should not be include in this amendment.
    Your input would be appreciated.
    Bill Johnson

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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