Industry leader SAGE Automation backs NESMA to advance top switchboard Standards vital to energy efficiency innovation

Australia’s leading independent industrial automation and control systems integrator, SAGE Automation, has backed calls by NESMA (National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association) for a strong commitment by local manufacturers to the latest quality and compliance Standards safeguarding customers.

These include the AS/NZS 61439 series of Standards for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies that is replacing the AS/NZS 3439 governing manufacturing requirements for low voltage switchboards vital to efficiency and innovation in power control and distribution.   

SAGE Automation – Company achievements include being the only Australian company accredited to the global quality benchmark of the Control System Integrators Association

SAGE Automation is a globally respected supplier to a diverse customer base, operating throughout Australia and internationally, with clients across the Defence, Manufacturing, Transport, Smart Cities, Water, Energy and Resources sectors. The company is a leader in advancing the uptake of technology and innovation such as automation and energy management and conservation technologies now sweeping through the country as industries adapt to new environmental, statutory and efficiency requirements in a world of accelerating change post-Covid.

SAGE Automation’s Head of Manufacturing, Andrew Naffin, says this focus on sustainable change includes strongly supporting compliance initiatives by NESMA to promote adherence for Standards such as AS/NZS 61439, which NESMA says is the biggest and most important change in the low voltage switchboard design and manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. NESMA wants to ensure a level playing field for suppliers of such technology by increasing awareness among manufacturers and customers of the risk management and safety pitfalls of manufacturing or installing non-compliant technology.

SAGE Automation is an international organisation specialising in industrial design, delivery and support. SAGE’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility, located within Tonsley Innovation District in South Australia, supports industrial projects with technologies such as high-quality panels, switchboards and Motor Control Centres.

“We joined NESMA to further the advancement and education of the industry within Australia,” says Andrew Naffin, who leads diverse teams within SAGE’s manufacturing and supply chain operations. Andrew’s passion is to enable SAGE to provide exceptional quality, delivery and value to clients through the extensive manufacturing work produced at the Adelaide headquarters.

 “As part of this focus, we see a prime objective of NESMA as providing industry-relevant guidance, reports or findings that allow leading companies like SAGE to be on the front foot with industry changes – and in turn, for SAGE to provide insights drawn from our own experience across the many industries we work in.

“SAGE is a member of NESMA because the Association is the premier body for switchboard manufacturing within Australia, a role which is becoming doubly important at a time when efficiently managing and using energy – and achieving high sustainability and reliability Standards – are becoming more important than ever,” he says.

“We embarked upon a major transition from a centralised fossil-based grid to an increasingly decentralised and flexible renewables-based grid, which will be a raid process during which manufacturers will benefit greatly from guidance provided by NESMA.”

“We joined NESMA also to highlight some of the great work being produced by Australian manufacturers, and how our own capability and specialisation, as well as our national footprint and leadership, can support manufacturers,” said Andrew.  

Compliance with the new and existing quality Standards – and widespread support and education through NESMA about their importance – is critical at a time when managing energy is becoming more important than ever to switchboard manufacturers in general and to the SAGE Group, as an international organisation specialising in industrial automation design, delivery and support.

SAGE Automation background

SAGE Automation is a part of the SAGE group of companies, an integrated industrial digitalisation services provider employing more than 620 people.

SAGE’s Advanced Manufacturing Facility, located at the company’s head office in Tonsley, South Australia, supports industrial projects by engineering high quality control panels, switchboards, motor control centres and specialised requirements.

With more than 2000m2 of internal floor space, SAGE Automation’s manufacturing facility has the capacity to deliver diverse projects concurrently, with a scalable workforce available to ensure it meets agreed delivery timeframes.

Solutions manufactured by SAGE are found across Australia’s road network, onboard Australian Navy’s warships, supporting the storage, treatment and delivery of the precious water supply, and within iconic food and beverage production facilities, to name a few.

SAGE Automation capabilities include design and manufacture of:

  • Control panels
  • Distribution boards
  • LV and modular switchboards
  • Motor control centres
  • Protection, control and telecoms cubicles.

Should a client request construction of a switchboard to a specific design, SAGE Automation review the design and relevant supporting design verification documentation, says Andrew Naffin.  “If any compliance gaps are found, SAGE will work with the client to provide options for design verifications to AS/NZS 61439 series,” he says.


  • SAGE Automation carries out its electrical installation work in accordance with Australian Standard AS3000 – Electrical Installations (Australian and New Zealand Wiring Rules).
  • All electrical panels are built in accordance with AS/NZS61439 Electrical Panel Building and Testing Standards.
  • Modular systems are extensively type-tested to AS/ NZS61439.1
  • SAGE panel technicians and apprentices are certified in IPC/WHMA-A-620A Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies.


  • 2020 Australian Defence Industry Awards winner – Manufacturer of the Year
  • SAGE is the only Australian company accredited to the global quality benchmark of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA).
  • SAGE is certified by international certification body DQS for our management systems, encompassing ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), AS/NZS 4801:2001 (OHS) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environment)