Brooks Marchant Industries (BMI)

Brooks Marchant Industries (BMI) Logo
Address19 Aurora Avenue, Queanbeyan NSW 2620
Phone(02) 6297 6044

Brooks Marchant Industries (BMI) has been manufacturing quality switchboards since 1965. BMI is an owner-operated business with approximately 40 full time employees.

BMI has seen strong growth over 58 years of operations, attracting the industries best engineers, technicians, estimators, electricians, and managers.

BMI is proud of its long-standing history in the industry and aims to continue providing quality custom and modular [CUBIC/xEnergy] solutions for new and existing customers.

Types of switchboards we manufacture are as follows:

  • Mechanical Electrical (HVAC)Switchboards – up to 6500Amp capacity
  • Power Distribution Switchboards – up to 6500Amp Capacity
  • Industrial Control Centres
  • PLC and Telemetry cubicles
  • Automatic Supply Transfer cubicles
  • Generator Control cubicles
  • Power Factor Correction cubicles
  • Motor Control Centres
  • Building Automation (BMCS) Switchboards and Control Cubicles
  • Small scale individual Electrical cubicles

Commercially we maintain the following memberships and accreditation:

  • Financial member of National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association – NESMA
  • Financial member of National Electrical Contractors Association – NECA
  • Financial member of Association of Commercial Airconditioning Contractors – ACACC
  • We are a Code Certified Entity under the Secure Local Jobs Code – ACT
  • We engage third-party services to assist with the implementation of our Integrated Management System which is compliant to ISO 45001
  • (Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental) set of standards.