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Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of advanced technology, low-voltage electrical switchgear.
Our products – including iNTELECT™, iNTEGRITY™ and M-Cube systems – offer outstanding quality, performance and reliability, proven in major and critical applications.

What We Do
Fuji SMBE Harwal supplies low voltage (LV) electrical switchgear for diverse market applications including:

  • Commercial and residential projects
  • Industrial Process Plants
  • Infrastructural Developments
  • Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Offshore and Marine, Oil and Gas industries
  • Mining and Resources
  • Water and Waste Water
  • …as well as specialised industries such as financial and retail Data Centres and other Mission Critical projects such as hospitals

Who We Are

Our commitment to research and development is second to none. We possess unique in-house research, design and development facilities and expertise, coupled with end-to-end manufacturing capability within one organization.

These dedicated capabilities are especially valuable to customers in fostering excellence and innovation, safeguarding quality control throughout the design and production process, and strengthening engineering achievement and delivery performance. Our Australian engineering team – which has more than 30 years experience – is proudly associated with leading Australian contracting, engineering, telecommunications, maintenance and project delivery groups.

Our proven Australian performance is complemented by the international strengths of Singapore based company SMB Electric, of which we are a wholly owned subsidiary. SMBE is a market leader throughout the region, providing quality products and switchgear solutions, with manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia.

What We Do

Sophisticated and reliable switchgear plays an integral role in the distribution of electricity and isolation/protection of electrical circuits in such applications. Large currents and power levels are safely controlled by automatic equipment incorporating digital controls, protection, metering and communications.

At Fuji SMBE Harwal, we understand that switchgear systems serve as crucial investment in any industry – and are especially relevant to achieving optimum energy performance and monitoring, including within “green star” buildings and energy efficient industries.

Our company places great emphasis and focus onto R&D. We believe we are unique in Australia in having full-time R&D staff dedicated solely to solely to the improvement of the product. Our dedicated team of experienced specialists participates in continuous improvement projects to seek out enhancements to both processes and products. Technological innovation is the hallmark of SMBE companies, as well as active customer engagement. Such practices ensure that up-to-date solutions are applied to evolving industry needs. In the process, timely support is offered to customers so as to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

With the experience of the local staff and SMBE’s support, we design and manufacture electrical switchboard products that are customised to suit our customers’ needs, with product support available throughout the life cycle of the product.