Membership Code of Conduct

Membership is diverse; ranging from the smallest family owned operation through to multi-million dollar operations. Members are subject to a strict Code of Conduct.

The National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association Code of Conduct applies to all NESMA members and their employees; it represents the minimum standard expected in their dealings.

The Code of Conduct is to be observed by all members in the conduct of their business to create a spirit of ethical conduct, and to promote the advancement of the electrical switchboard manufacturing industry.

  • Be professional, efficient and responsive in all dealings.
  • Observe the highest standard of honesty in all transactions.
  • Encourage new business by providing quality of service and product.
  • Provide working conditions that promote employee safety.
  • Manufacture switchboards in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Service Rules
  • Actively support and uphold the dignity of Association members.
  • Endeavour to create co-operation with fellow members.
  • Refrain from criticising other members.
  • When asked to manufacture to another member’s drawings or specifications, to first consult with the member concerned.
  • Where existing operational boards require modification and/or upgrade, to encourage the client to use the original manufacturer to ensure the product’s integrity of operational service and safety.