NESMA and Ausgrid unite in face-to-face event to discuss industry issues affecting us all

Future-focussed addresses and knowledge-sharing across a broad front of the industry was a feature of the NSW event
Future-focussed addresses and knowledge-sharing across a broad front of the industry was a feature of the NSW event

The value of the strong, long standing relationship between NESMA and Ausgrid was further expanded in July when the two organisations met face-to-face at the new Schneider HQ for a forum to discuss issues vital to our industry’s shared future.

The great turnout of more than 50 members of NSW chapter of NESMA at the breakfast event on July 26 demonstrated an enthusiastic response to the opportunity for face-to-face discussion to discuss and resolve issues affecting both parties. Previously meetings were necessarily conducted by Zoom.

“This open forum was a particularly valuable opportunity for both parties to ask direct questions of each other on interpretation of rulings, and get a better understanding of each other’s processes, and needs, so we can all progress,” said Scott Emerson (President, NESMA NSW).

“By uniting to directly discuss industry issues – rather than receiving piecemeal facts in isolation – everyone present benefitted from seeing the issues from each other’s point of view. This is a truly educational approach that can remove the possibility of misunderstanding and delay. It was a compliment to all involved that they showed such good and productive awareness creating progress and understanding of on a broad industry basis.”

A great turnout, with participants putting aside sectional interests and focusing on the overall needs of the industry

The very open discussion – with great collaboration and a collective approach among all parties on issues facing the industry – followed introductory addresses by Scott, Mark Henson (Field Manager, Compliance South) and Brendon Goff (Field Manager Compliance, North).

Issues focussed upon included the new NSW metering and installation rules due for publication this year and the need for consistent compliance across all areas of Ausgrid

Which is the largest electricity distributor on Australia’s East Coast, which owns, maintains and operates the electrical networks supplying 1.8 million customers servicing more than 4 million people in Sydney, the Central Coast and Hunter regions of New South Wales.

Schneider then gave a presentation on the broad issues facing the electricity grid and the challenges and opportunities posed by alternate forms of energy, including battery and solar, and the need to protect electrical infrastructure.

 Schneider, which has been in Australia 50 years, is a world leader in digital automation and energy management, addressing homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software, and services. The co-hosts then rounded out a very productive day with a tour of Schneider’s new office premises and technical displays at Macquarie Park, which most attending had not previously had the opportunity to experience.

“Giving NESMA members the opportunity to interact with industry leaders such as our co-hosts Ausgrid and Schneider provided everyone with high-level insights into the future that will involve all of us,” said Scott Emerson. “The changes in the way we supply and use energy in Australia continue to accelerate, including changes in the type of energy we use, how we use it and where it comes from. For members of NESMA, events such as this one provide a front row view of future trends essential to our quality, Standards, safety and educational role.”