NESMA initiatives present opportunity for switchboard manufacturers to raise their industry’s role and client benefits

The NESMA-WA monthly meeting, held in NECA-WA offices, discussing issues of concern for NESMA Members.

The man at the helm of NESMA-Western Australia, Mr Neil Sharpe, says NESMA has the opportunity to elevate the role of switchboard manufacturers in the manufacturing and construction industries.

The increasing importance of technical aspects of switchboard designs means NESMA’s ongoing training of Members – including in compliance with the new AS/NZS Standard 61439 – adds far-reaching benefits to customers.

 These benefits will increase rapidly as technical aspects of design expand in importance to greatly improve the value and sustainability of projects, says Mr Sharpe, who is WA State Manger of  the prominent ISAS (Integrated Switchgear and Systems) company.

“The inclusion of today’s new technologies focussed on safety, sustainability and energy saving are examples of where good industry training and the new Standard is taking us. Within industrial projects, there is great change occurring in monitoring and control  of power uses for particular objectives, including power distribution efficiency, pump and drive applications,” said Mr Sharpe.

Broad areas in which ISAS provides its expertise (through branches in WA and the Northern Territory, and a client base extending nationally), include

  • Automation and controls, including the installation, integration and support of engineered electrical systems for generation, water and waste water, building management and a wide range of process automation applications.
  • Manufacture of electrical switchboards and motor control centres to the individual needs of particular industries. ISAS’ FORM 4 switchboard system is third-party tested and industry-proven over the last 25 years.
  • The Group also has an extensive range of industrial electrical switchgear, providing expertise in procurement, logistics, and service.
ISAS’ expertise includes the management of contracts, including procurement, logistics and service capabilities across the vast expanse of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. As Australia’s largest state, with a total land area of 2,527,013 square kilometres (975,685 sq mi) Western Australia dwarfs entire countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom, individually and collectively

Neil Sharpe took up his role as Honorary WA President of NESMA to increase his, the switchboard industry’s and his customers’ knowledge about switchboards and their important roles in advancing Standards, compliance, safety, traceability and reassurance to purchasers that they are dealing with knowledgeable people.

 “In addition to lobbying nationally, NESMA’s brand and awareness is very credible in our meetings with local authorities, and other agencies that need to be aware of progress, quality control and issues such as AS/NZS Standard 61439 .

“Our main message targets consultants, contractors, and electrical equipment suppliers,” he says.  

Building projects provide great opportunities for sustainability initiatives supported by NESMA

“NESMA is also instrumental in raising the status and capabilities of electricians – if we are to have a stable and dynamic pool of skills in this State, which is frequently short of labour, we need to work hard to make the job fulfilling and rewarding.

“This in turn passes on benefits of expertise and confidence to the employer and the client. We at ISAS  have successful partnering and period supply contracts with some of the country’s most vital organisations, such as RioTinto Alcan Gove, Power Water Corporation, Territory Health Service, and the Department of Defence.

“NESMA training and quality leadership is important in such partnerships,  because we develop close relationships with customers,   based on our core values of excellence, integrity and innovation. We are proud of the longstanding relationships we have built by not taking a short term approach, providing industry leadership, and earning the high level of repeat business we receive as a result.”