Smart manufacturing shines a light to the future for AE Switchboards

Matthew Childs, Managing Director of AE Switchboards, which produces a wide variety of switchboards to AS/NZS61439

An electrical industry leader who has witnessed first-hand for more than 25 years the changing tides of challenge and opportunity in the Low Voltage switchboard business says there is plenty to be optimistic about as Australia emerges from the current turbulent times – but some changes may be long-lasting or permanent. Matthew Childs is Managing … Read more

Industry leader SAGE Automation backs NESMA to advance top switchboard Standards vital to energy efficiency innovation

SAGE Automation – Company achievements include being the only Australian company accredited to the global quality benchmark of the Control System Integrators Association

Australia’s leading independent industrial automation and control systems integrator, SAGE Automation, has backed calls by NESMA (National Electrical Switchboard Manufacturers Association) for a strong commitment by local manufacturers to the latest quality and compliance Standards safeguarding customers. These include the AS/NZS 61439 series of Standards for low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies that is replacing … Read more

NESMA initiatives present opportunity for switchboard manufacturers to raise their industry’s role and client benefits

The man at the helm of NESMA-Western Australia, Mr Neil Sharpe, says NESMA has the opportunity to elevate the role of switchboard manufacturers in the manufacturing and construction industries. The increasing importance of technical aspects of switchboard designs means NESMA’s ongoing training of Members – including in compliance with the new AS/NZS Standard 61439 – … Read more

Victorian NESMA President seeks unity in providing guidance as changes from Standard 61439 sweep through industry

A man whose electrical switchboard manufacturing experience spans the spectrum of Victoria’s major industries, NESMA Victoria President Mr Wayne Rose, says the AS/NZS Standard 61439 now in force is a game-changer for manufacturers and their customers alike. In addition to being NESMA’s Victorian president, Mr Rose is an electrical switchboard manufacturer, which serves customers in … Read more

NESMA’s future-focused leader in clean, green South Australia sees generational change arriving with AS/NZS 61439

A NESMA leader at the forefront of custom-fabricated electrical switchboard technology says the new AS/NZS 61439 Standard Update is the biggest and most important change in the low voltage switchboard design and manufacturing industry for more than 20 years. Compliance with the new Standards – and widespread support and education through NESMA about their importance … Read more