Intellect Systems’ end-to-end capabilities bridge the gap in project quality and compliance

End-to-end operational technology solutions to the domestic and international markets served by Intellect Systems

A company that specialises in end-to-end operational technology solutions for Australian and international projects, Intellect Systems, is using its breadth of expertise to advance cost-efficiencies, quality, safety, and compliance essentials.

The company – which has handled some of Australia’s biggest mining and infrastructure projects – is vigorously expanding its focus on renewables and transport electrification infrastructure benefitting from smart, practical and effective use of technology to improve and streamline and processes including electrical and control systems.

“Intellect Systems’ end-to-end process means we have the capability to tailor a complete turnkey Operational Technology solution for our clients. Our process bridges the gap between the designer and manufacturer, ensuring the final assets will achieve compliance requirements and suit the desired application,” says Jason Monzu, Managing Director, Intellect Systems.

In-house capabilities advance process control and remove ambiguity of responsibility

“In projects where the designer and manufacturer are separate entities, we’ve witnessed ambiguity in the product design and the ownership of the product meeting regulatory standards, with responsibility being passed back and forth. Compliance requirements are often changing, and those requirements need consideration during the design phase.”

“Our advantage is by having both the product design and manufacture handled in-house, we have skin in the game all the way through the project. This guarantees to our clients that both engineering and manufacturing are in unison when it comes to compliance and regulation adherence.”

Intellect has invested in autonomous processing and production optimisation, to minimise waste, maximise efficiency, ensure consistency, and deliver cost savings which we then pass on to our clients.

Major resource companies such as Fortescue Metals Group have relied on Intellect Systems for installations such as its Iron Bridge mine in the Pilbara 143 l, south of Port Hedland and encompasses the North Star, Eastern Limb, Glacier Valley, and West Star magnetite iron Ore deposits. Intellect systems manufactured diverse technology including field communication and field marshalling panels, junction boxes, switch room PLC panels, switch room communication panels, and PLC equipment. The job involved more than 550 panels of different types. The ability to deliver a project of this immense scale on time and within budget while maintaining the highest level of quality assurance was achieved with intelligent solutions to optimise the manufacturing process.

“We want to make sure that our industry is protected. Sub-par products can produce a dangerous scenario which then sets the industry back as a whole. Good governance and quality assurance are key focuses at Intellect Systems, which is why, along with being a NESMA member, we are also ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certified.”

NESMA credibility

Being a NESMA member is a signal to prospective clients that they are engaging with a credible company who is achieving best practice, says Jason Monzu.

“When customers are engaging a NESMA member, they are guaranteed to be engaging a credible business that puts quality, compliance and best practice at the forefront. Engaging a NESMA member also supports the local industry and supply chain.”

Intellect Systems is partnering with NESMA to advance and safeguard our industry

“We partner with reputable vendors that produce the best products available, and, due to our buying power and relationships with these vendors, we can leverage their support to end users. As a NESMA member we are playing a part in helping to advance and safeguard our industry.

“One of our ongoing objectives is to continue to implement innovations and optimised practices, particularly in our manufacturing process that can save our clients’ money while assuring a quality product.”

“There’s a lot of overlap between Intellect’s own values and NESMA’s key objectives. Our values of safety, quality, trust, agility, commitment, and innovation are about providing a product at the highest level of quality, while taking ownership of the process and project drivers, safely.”

Future Focus

While Intellect Systems has an established reputation in the mining industry, its capabilities span a diversified growing range of industries.

“The transition to renewables and transport electrification is a growing area of business for us at the moment that we’re particularly excited about,” says Jason Monzu

“We’ve been engaging in assessment when it comes to EV infrastructure.  We know that we need infrastructure to support EVs in the future and that’s all part of our business strategy to ensure we have enough exposure in that market. Our State Government is also improving and modernising some of their ageing assets, and we’ve been called upon to play our expanding part in ongoing projects.

About Intellect Systems

Founded in 2005 and proudly Western Australian owned, Intellect Systems is a specialist provider of End-to-End Operational Technology solutions to the domestic and international markets. 

As an ISO 9001 and 45001 certified organisation, the company is committed to continuous improvement and holding itself accountable to the highest level of quality and safety.

“Our skilled, forward-thinking and pragmatic team has a solid track record of delivering Control Systems, Electrical Engineering, Communications and Industrial IT services throughout every phase of the project lifecycle.”

‘We are experts in developing bespoke turn-key operational technology solutions from concept to reality. We engineer, manufacture, implement, and optimise our projects in-house to the highest level of quality and compliance.”

“We listen to your ideas, and draw on our industry and technology know-how to tailor a solution to suit your specific needs.  While in the process, we keep a close eye on the budget and of course the schedule, to ensure your project is a success. That’s what makes us different.”

“We place importance on service and satisfaction and our core values form the cornerstone of our project delivery model. When you deal with Intellect Systems you are guaranteed to receive personal service, honest advice, a quality product, and commitment which exceeds all expectations.”

“Our aim is to build enduring relationships through collaboration and personal customer service. As testament to this, we count many of Australia’s most prestigious companies among our clients and we are proud to have earned the trust of the global vendors we work with.”