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Address1 Smith St, Tempe, NSW 2044
Phone(02) 9558 2480

Clean Tech Control’s mission is to support Australia’s transition to clean energy. We provide power and control switchboards and engineering services to integrate renewable energy, EV chargers, microgrids and other clean energy technologies. In addition to switchboards, our customers rely on our unrivalled industry experience and know-how to deliver smart and reliable grid connection, protection, power quality analysis and injection testing solutions.

Clean Tech Controls with a team of highly skilled and innovative engineers and electricians are passionate about leveraging the power of clean energy and control systems towards creating a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for Australia.

Our clients, which include industry leading companies, infrastructure firms, EPCs and solar retailers, maintain Clean Tech Controls’ reputable and trusted position as one of the leading clean energy service providers in the country.

Our support staff are located in Sydney and Melbourne. We’re proud to be a local manufacturer and produce our switchboards at our Tempe facility.