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GSTEC Pty Ltd founded in 1980 and has recently changed it's name from Greenstar Building Automation. The company began life as an electrical contracting business specialising in air conditioning (electrical and control) services. The ownership and structure of the company remain exactly the same, however the new name and branding better reflect the breadth of products and services provided by GSTEC.

GSTEC Pty Ltd remains an independent player in the mech-elec and building automation markets, utilising a best of breed approach to provide our clients with custom solutions to suit their needs. Whether for Building Management Systems, HVAC control systems, energy monitoring and reduction projects, service and maintenance support, or engineering and auditing services, our focus is on client requirements, rather than the more traditional product-centric approach.

To achieve this, GSTEC have developed alliances with suppliers capable of offering reliable and open technologies which give our clients the benefit of choice in the future.

GSTEC uses in-house staff for all facets of the projects it undertakes; from design and engineering through to the installation and support phases. Our staff is made up of engineering staff, control technicians, qualified electricians, trainees and electrical apprentices ensuring work quality and compliance with the relevant standards and codes.

GSTEC is committed to maintaining a safe workplace and our long experience working in occupied buildings provides our clients with confidence that works are undertaken safely and with the lowest possible impact on building users.