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Address10 Wheeler Street, Belmont 6104, Western Australia
Phone(08) 9277 7255
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Plummers Industries are electrical switchboard manufacturers. We are a family owned Western Australian company with substantial operations in Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, and are the largest privately owned electrical switchboard manufacturer in Australia.

The company had its humble beginnings in 1957, when Bill Plummer established a spring manufacturing works in Belmont. Activities soon expanded to include sheet metal processing and fabrication. The manufacture of switchboards developed as a natural extension of the sheet metal business in the mid 1970s and is now the company’s main focus.

Transportable switchroom manufacture began in 1990, in order to produce suitable, purpose-built structures to cater for the growing demand in the mining and processing industries. Each year Plummers Industries delivers more than fifty (50) fully fitted out and tested switchrooms, of various shapes and sizes.

In 2011 Plummers Industries signed an agreement with multi-national giant General Electric, forming a partnership for the distribution of GE medium voltage switchgear to mining and heavy industry projects in Australia.

We are located in WA, QLD and Victoria, though we service Australia-wide, including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.0940. The recent implementation of cloud based “MyOSH” Safety Management Software has help the leadership team drive towards their heath and safety goals.