Quality that speaks to customers drives triple expansion of HP & CP

Partnerships with mines are among the world-class partnerships HP & CP has developed through adherence to critical quality and safety standards, combined with innovation in technologies aligned to such markets, including its arc fault containment technology.
Partnerships with mines are among the world-class partnerships HP & CP has developed through adherence to critical quality and safety standards, combined with innovation in technologies aligned to such markets, including its arc fault containment technology.

It is a great source of pride for Michael Pereira and the team at HP & CP Australia when their customers arrive to see for the first time their switchboards taking shape on the floor of their 1000 sq m production facility in Carrum Downs Victoria.

“We value it greatly when customers come in to view their technology becoming a reality and they are immediately impressed with the quality and the build they see, and the thought that has gone into it,” says Michael.

“It is rewarding, because my father Henry Pereira and I have followed the path of quality, standards and service first laid down by Dad more than 40 years ago – from the time he made his name in multinational company projects, to the setting up of our own family-owned business in 2014.”

With decades of experience in the electrical industry, Henry Pereira first began his career in Australia in the mid 1970’s with ASEA/ABB. From there, Henry was recruited by NHP as their Production Manager for over five years. Among other highlights, this role took him to Japan to assist the introduction of the Terasaki TemBreak into the Australian market.

The growing team at HP & CP

HP & CP has expanded three times since they established their initial small plant in Melbourne’s South-East, subsequently moving to a second factory they also outgrew, then on to the current facility. Here, their growing team of 18 skilled personnel can perform a host of critical manufacturing processes in-house to ensure dedication to the standards they set themselves.

The company has founded its success on first understanding and then meeting and often exceeding the specialist needs of demanding sectors, including mining and resources, utilities, defence, infrastructure, medical and aged care, education, renewables, industrial and commercial.

“One of the drivers of our success is getting out in the field to understand the specialist needs of particular sectors, so we can immediately add value to the briefs we get. We aim to develop partnerships with quality sectors and companies whose business we then dedicate ourselves to understand in depth.

Michael Pereira, left, and Paul Pereira, right, present their credentials at a the Mining Electrical Safety Conference (MESC) Seminar in Western Australia, to be followed mid-2024 year by another such event in Queensland to keep them at the leading edge of mining electrical safety.

“Rather than going for one-off jobs, we prefer partnerships and accreditations of enduring value to customers who are focused on quality, ongoing service, and compliance.

“Our aim is to develop and implement design briefs to the customer’s highest specifications and expectations, and to design customised technology that ideally meets these needs fully and exceeds it where we have developed the knowledge to produce the optimum solution.

Responding to customer needs

A recent example of an LV switchboard designed to meet the needs of a customer in the mining industry recognised that safety, quality, and reliable supply are paramount considerations in such high-value plants.

The switchboard was designed and manufactured to AS61439 with the addition of Annex ZD Arc Fault Containment. Arc fault containment was tested in accordance with Annex ZD, on the outgoing feeders, up to 1000A and 50ka.

To achieve optimum compliance, the construction provided:

  • Incoming ACB of 3200A, including four 1000A feeder cells,
  • Given the installation environments high ambient temperature, the switchgear and busbar were engineered to operate conservatively,
  • Annex ZC was also applied with: Earth Leakage Protection on each outlet and on the supply transformer, and Arc Flash Detection Relay monitoring throughout the switchgear compartments and main busbar chamber wired in to trip the main incoming ACB in the event of an arc flash,
  • Neutral Grounding Resistors, to limit any transient over voltages that may potentially flow through the neutral point of a transformer to a safe value during a fault,
  • Every low voltage miniature circuit protected with earth leakage protection devices with a sensitivity equal to or lower than 30ma, including an additional Earth Leakage testing facility,
  • Inclusion of a cubicle for auxiliary circuits such as light and power,
  • All main circuit brakers have motorised opening and closing mechanisms for an entirely remote operation.

Natural alliance with NESMA

Michael Pereira says that, given HP & CP’s focus on Standards and quality aligning with NESMA’s principles, it was natural that they had been a keen supporter for the last 10 years.

“In addition to a shared focus on education and standards, NESMA has also been integral to building networks within our industry with whom our futures are intertwined.”

“We see NESMA’s work towards industry partnerships and accreditations as highly complementary and valuable to the activities of quality-focused switchboard manufacturers throughout Australia.”